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1595Re: [perlguitest] Re: Are you using Win32::GuiTest?

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  • Shanmuhanathan T
    Nov 13, 2006
      on a related note, I have also used windows script/WSH to acheive the
      same ends...

      On 11/14/06, Danny R. Faught <faught@...> wrote:
      > I have written a "monkey test" for one of my clients that randomly
      > clicks on their application until it crashes. It found several bugs,
      > though they tend to be difficult to reproduce. It's based on a monkey
      > test script I found on a web site, and it relies on Win32::GuiTest. I
      > ought to write a paper about it some day.
      > I haven't had the opportunity to do reliability testing for that client
      > lately, so I haven't used the GuiTest module for six months+.
      > I do see a lot of interest from testers in having a free GUI test tool,
      > but most them are not programmers and really want something like with
      > the features and robustness of WinRunner, which we're a long way from.
      > -Danny

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