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1566Need help to finish the project

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  • tpham1002002
    Nov 2, 2006
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      Hi All,

      I am writing a Perl script to test a KVM to switch between 2 PCs (it
      is my sister's school project). If I press Scroll key twice and then
      number 1 or 2 key it will switch to 1st pr 2nd PC respectively.
      I am using the function
      SendKeys("{SCROLL}{SCROLL}{1}") or SendKeys("{SCROLL}{SCROLL}{2}")

      only the scroll light is up and it prints out 1 or 2 on the log file
      but the switch doesn't move.
      I would like you to help me to finish the project for my sister.
      Another thing is I don't know why SendKeys("^%{DELETE}") (Ctrl + Alt +
      Delete) doesn't work in scripting.

      Thanks everyone
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