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1522I think this might be a bug in GetMenuItemInfo

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  • lsgtester
    Sep 29, 2006
      I was playing around with an Application we have, and I was using the
      menu commands in Win32:GuiTest 1.50.5. I am new at all this so I could
      be mistaken, but here is what I found.

      The app has a bunch of menus and submenus, and I was using the "text"
      key in the hash returned by GetMenuItemInfo to grab the text of the
      MenuItem. This worked for everything except one menu in the app. I
      couldnt figure out what was wrong so I went to the developer and we
      looked at the app in Visual C++. We noticed that the only difference
      in these MenuItems was that they had a flag set called "Help". The
      Help flag was described as something like "Right-Justifies the Menu
      Item when it is part of the topmost menu. It looks like its intended
      for a Help menu being on the right side of the screen instead of the
      left like File, Edit, etc. It has no purpose for MenuItems in a
      submenu but it still lets you set it.

      So the developer made a test app with a submenu and every other
      MenuItem set with the Help flag on. Here is what happens:

      I assign the GetMenuItemInfo hash to an array and print the array...

      For a MenuItem in a submenu without the Help flag set:
      fstate 0 text &New Ctrl+N type string ftype 0

      For a MenuItem in a submenu with the Help flag set:
      fstate 0 type unknown ftype 16384

      So the text key is completely missing.

      Is this a bug in GetMenuItemInfo? (even though it makes no sense to
      enable the help flag anyway)