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1480Re: PushChildButton Not actually firing the event handler related to the button

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  • paramsan1234
    Aug 22, 2006
      PushButton does not works totally though, but PushChildButton works
      now. I don't know what the '&' does to '&Next'?
      So the text on the next button is like "Next >" while on the finish
      button is "Finish." As you suggested I used '&Next' and the script
      worked fine. Now if I use '&Finish' nothing happens but if I
      use 'Finish' the button gets pushed. What is it doing behind the

      [If you are wondering where do I use them, I use them right
      PushChildButton($windowHandle, '&Next', '0.25');
      PushChildButton($windowHandle, 'Finish', '0.25');

      And Thanks for the suggestion of '&Next' Its working (for now

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Santosh Kumar"
      <kadlisantosh@...> wrote:
      > Param,
      > Try using PushButton instead of PushChildButton.
      > Check this code snippet to click Next button, it works with better
      consistency (I never faced any issue) with the same "Add Hardware
      > my $Window = 'Add hardware Wizard';
      > my @WHdls = FindWindowLike(0, $Window, "" );
      > my $hwnd = $WHdls[0]; # Window handle
      > SetForegroundWindow( $hwnd ); # Get Add Hardware Wizard to front
      and active.
      > my $result = PushButton( '&Next', '0.5' ); #Click Next with 0.5
      seconds of delay.
      > #Now wait for next window, or what ever you want.
      > I suppose, issue you are facing could be due to parent window
      loosing focus / active status while you are sending the
      PushChildButton action.
      > Regards,
      > ~Santosh
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: paramsan1234
      > To: perlguitest@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 11:51 AM
      > Subject: [perlguitest] PushChildButton Not actually firing the
      event handler related to the button
      > Hi all!
      > My situation:
      > I am new to perl. I use Win32::GuiTest to achieve some
      > for windows (!!!) popping up "Add New Hardware Wizard".
      > Code Snippet:
      > use Win32::GuiTest qw(WaitWindowLike PushChildButton SendKeys)
      > $Win32::GuiTest::debug = 1; # Set Debugging
      > $WinHandle = WaitWindowLike(undef, "^Add New Hardware", "", "",
      > # Set a timeout for 1200 seconds
      > PushChildButton($WinHandle, "Next >", 0.25);
      > # Set delay of 250ms for debugging
      > # Don't worry about the syntax or compile errors in the code,
      > # should serve as a pseudo code to actually what I am doing since
      > # screen-scraping, which is why I am using Win32::GuiTest is my
      > # alternative though I know Win32::GuiTest is extremely useful
      > # for thousands of windows errands/problems
      > Problem:
      > The code is as complex as it gets above (an irony, acutally it's
      > simple though!). However the real issue is that sometimes
      the "Next >"
      > button gets pushed and sometimes not. So I tried some detailed
      > checking and figured out that PushChildButton is returning a true
      > value (1) means that it did it's work though I can't actually see
      > press the button and neither does the window proceeds to the next
      > However, I want a bit consistency in my program and want to make
      > that it should work for the 99 % of cases (getting realistic of
      > other conditions)
      > I haven't seen the bug reports in detail though but I am not sure
      > my code will be doing this. It seems as if something is
      > between the time the PushChildButton's action is sent and the
      > handler is kicked off. While, I have seen it work and not work in
      > same conditions? Or this might not be a bug at all but some
      windows thing?
      > If any of you went throught the same problem, please help me
      > to as why is this happening and how can I make sure that the Next
      > button is pressed and the correct event takes place?
      > Future Effort:
      > The next part I am going to try is to put the child button
      (window) id
      > instead of the text and;
      > try using sendMessage(...) somehow?
      > Fine Print:
      > If any of you had any similar threads posted before, please feel
      > to redirect me to the correct place and if anything is not clear,
      > should try to correct my programming english considering the fact
      > I have just dived into the ocean and is still swimming near the
      > Thanking all,
      > Param
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