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1458CheckButton doesn't truly "check" a radio button

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  • Tim Mitchell
    Aug 4, 2006
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      Is this a bug or user error?

      It does indeed fill in the bullet of the button, but that only makes
      it looks like it was checked. If another radio button in the same
      radio button group was already checked, that button remains checked
      too. The originally checked button is the ONLY button really
      checked. This seems like a useless function for radio buttons.

      The only way I can think of to make sure the desired radio button is
      checked is to move the mouse cursor to its x, y coordinates and send
      a LEFTCLICK to it.

      It does work for check boxes, but it does not toggle. That is, if
      the button is already checked, it doesn't uncheck the button. There
      is no corresponding UncheckButton function. So CheckButton is of no
      value for check boxes either because I still have to find the
      coordinates of the button, move the mouse cursor to it and send a
      LEFTCLICK if I want to Uncheck the button.

      Tim Mitchell

      Tim Mitchell
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