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144Re: Listbox functions

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  • xGunneRx <xgunnerx@yahoo.com>
    Dec 16, 2002
      > 3) Use Win32::GuiTest to print the content of the first item in the
      > list:
      > perl -e "use Win32::GuiTest; print Win32::GuiTest::GetListText
      > (0x000107A4, 0);"

      Ok that seems to work. However, if I do something like pass a
      variable into the function it seems to blow up:
      #!/usr/bin/perl -w
      use strict;
      use Win32::GuiTest qw(:ALL);

      my $check = '0x00350096';

      my $w = GetListText($check, 0);
      print "$w\n";

      This prints "uiTest" which is not in the list. Seems to do this for
      any listbox I define in $check. Im using the latest non-beta version.

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