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140Re: Need help on Listbox controls

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  • Ernesto Guisado
    Nov 16, 2002

      --- In perlguitest@y..., "minh_turbo9" <minh_turbo9@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am writing some GuiTest scripts to setup my NIC properties via
      > Network Properties Dialog in Win2K.
      > **(ControlPanel->Network&Dial-Up Connections ->RightClick on a NIC)
      > I wanted to have the script be able to check/uncheck the TCP/IP
      > protocol or any other item....but I can't get any control on the
      > listbox.

      Sometimes you don't need it. Using TAB and arrows to navigate through
      controls is enough most times. And then use SPACE, ENTER or hot-keys
      to select/deselect.

      > handle to that listbox (Class=SysListView32).

      Doesn't look like a listbox to me. More like a listview thingy. The
      API to handle them is different. GuiTest doesn't support direct
      access to them. Paul Covington added some funtions for another type
      of fancy control:


      Perhaps you can use it as a guide...

      -- Ernesto Guisado <mailto:erngui@...>, <http://triumvir.org>
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