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139Need help on Listbox controls

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  • minh_turbo9
    Nov 15, 2002
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      I am writing some GuiTest scripts to setup my NIC properties via
      Network Properties Dialog in Win2K.
      **(ControlPanel->Network&Dial-Up Connections ->RightClick on a NIC)

      I wanted to have the script be able to check/uncheck the TCP/IP
      protocol or any other item....but I can't get any control on the

      I see in the Readme that these functions are documented as:
      $txt = GetListText(hwnd,index)
      @lst = GetListContents(hWnd)

      Yet, I could not get anything out of the GUI even when I have the
      handle to that listbox (Class=SysListView32).

      I also don't see any examples on these GetList functions also....

      Please help me if you have used them.

      Thank you much.
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