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  • alexnzus
    Apr 2, 2006
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      Hi all,

      I have just started using Win32::GuiTest, and would appreciate it if
      you could refer me to some examples. I am aware of those on
      but they don't quite cover what I need.

      The application I work with starts with a splash and logon window.
      In the logon window there are a few textboxes, that may contain some
      default values. Some have a dropdown list attached. The user can
      either choose one of the existing values, or enter a new one. Perl
      code should check if the values in the textboxes match specified
      parameters, and either replace those values with the respective
      parameter, or simply enter it if the box is empty.

      What functions could I use to do that? For instance, how to clean
      the contents of the text box and enter a new value?

      Thanks in advance.
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