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125Re: "Getting characters from an screen and putting them in another one"

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  • hellarleo
    Aug 8 9:25 AM
      First, Thanks for your help.

      However, after use that functions in my code, the text that I get was
      the window text caption, not the data text that I need get.
      What's wrong?

      Thanks Again.

      --- In perlguitest@y..., "ctrondlpaulsden" <ctrondlp@n...> wrote:
      > If it is something like an edit control, you should be able to use
      > WMGetText to obtain the text and WMSetText to display it on another.
      > --- In perlguitest@y..., "hellarleo" <hellarleo@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi Members!
      > >
      > > I need to write an script which need to copy a little text at
      > > position of an Windows application screen and paste it to another
      > one.
      > > Anyone knows how may a do it?
      > >
      > > Best Regards.
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