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Re: sendkeys Seems you haven't imported the function properly from GuiTest. use Win32::GuiTest qw(SendKeys); Chris ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Chris Hilton
Nov 24, 2010

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Reference for Automating Tool Bar item Hi all, I'm automating Eclipse plugins, So in my testing I need to select tool bars which do not have child processes. Can any one provide me some good

Vinod kumar Guruprasad
Nov 24, 2010

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sendkeys I have installed the Guitest in c:\temp I am getting the error Window handle of application is 1906c8 Undefined subroutine &main::Sendkeys called at matlab.pl

Nov 24, 2010

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Re: Virtual console ??...PLease help What particular piece of code are you having trouble with? You do need to be careful what you are doing while running guitest since it is "impersonating a

Kenneth Kron
Sep 24, 2007

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Re: Virtual console ??...PLease help Hi, 1. It will run if you do RDC also, but you shouldn't minimize the command prompt where you are running the perl file and shouldn't lock your

Suhas Bharadwaj
Sep 24, 2007

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Virtual console ??...PLease help Hi i have been using GUiTest PM since 2 weeks.One problem i noticed is i cannot use my MOUSE while i am running the Automation.... Is there any ways to make it

Sep 24, 2007

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Compatibility with 64 bit Hi, Is win32::GuiTest compatible with 64 bit Windows XP/Vista. Are all the functions supported? Regards, Roopa Moody friends. Drama queens. Your life? Nope! -

roopa bb
Sep 6, 2007

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Detail steps for installation of Win32::Gui I take it you're running this on Vista? This is because windows can't find the manifest file for guitest.dll created when the link step is done. If you look in

Bauer, Steven
Aug 23, 2007

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Detail steps for installation of Win32::Gui I am getting error while running nmake test, it says perl.exe incorrectly trying to invoke C runtime library

Aug 22, 2007

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Re: how to select a item in a Combox box? Hi, I suggest you to dont use mouse clicking. Just foreground the window of combobox and use home key. Than through up and down arrow key you can select any

Vishnu Dutt
Aug 10, 2007

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how to select a item in a Combox box? Hi I have a script which open the print preference window of printer driver,i want to select the values in the combo box dropdown. my part of code is

Aug 9, 2007

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Accessing windows in other machine Hi Is it possible to access a Window in another machine? for example, i have a perl script on one machine which is a webserver. The script is on the webpage.

animesh bhowmick
Aug 1, 2007

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Radio button problem Hi, I have one MFC application which has 2 radio buttons. O Chick Here O Click there by default "Click there" will be selectted....But i want only

Aug 1, 2007

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Win32::GuiTest support for custom-made/non-standard window objects Hi All My greetings to all Please let me know, if "Win32::GuiTest" module supports custom-made/non-standard window objects? I tried functions like CheckButton,

Girish MC
Jul 24, 2007

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Re: Regarding Menu Item Please post your question to source forge mailing list --Piotr

Piotr Kaluski
Jun 21, 2007
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