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Re: [PBML] How to find the document about the perl functions and modules

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  • Andrew Johnson
    ! Hello, ! I think every perl module has its own document when it is ! installed. But I have a question: I don t know how to find the ! respective
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2000
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      ! Hello,
      ! I think every perl module has its own document when it is
      ! installed. But I have a question: I don't know how to find the
      ! respective document . I only can find the standard function by using
      ! "perldoc -f ****" in unix. Have some other methodes to find document?

      I'm not exactly sure if I understand your question but:

      perldoc -f sort

      will give you the entry for the built-in function 'sort',
      contained in the perlfunc manpage. This I think you already know.
      If you want to read the entire perlfunc manpage then one of these
      should work:

      perldoc perlfunc
      man perlfunc

      You can get an overview of the standard docs by viewing the main
      perl manpage:

      perldoc perl
      man perl

      To find the documentation on a particular module, usually you need
      only call perldoc on it:

      perldoc Getopt::Std

      brings up the docs on the Getopt::Std module. Usually, module authors
      include the documentation for a module directly in the module file
      using Perl's POD documentation markup. Occassionally they will place
      the documentation in its own .pod file or place ancillary
      documentation in a separate .pod file -- you can determine this when
      you look at the source package before installing it.

      Depending on your system set-up, the documentation may also be
      installed as regular manpages (man Getopt::Std), or may be converted
      to HTML pages and installed somewhere on your system depending on

      I hope this is of some assistance.


      Andrew L. Johnson http://members.home.net/andrew-johnson/
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