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RE: [PBML] Lil help?

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  • Jason Larson
    ... From a post from a day or two ago... ... (Reply is from Japhy) ... s/(.{1,70}) s/$1 n/g; That says match between 1 and 70 characters (as many possible)
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 8, 2002
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      > From: dmcdougald@... [mailto:dmcdougald@...]
      > Subject: [PBML] Lil help?
      > Im working on a CGI and I have a problem with TEXTAREA.
      > Even if I use Hard breaks, the array spits out as a single
      > line, and the
      > max width of the application Im using it for is 26 lines at 70
      > characters per line.
      > How do I evaluate an array, print out its contents, if its
      > length > 70
      > then insert a linebreak, if 70 chrs is midword, go to
      > beginning of that
      > word and insert line break?
      > Darrin

      From a post from a day or two ago...
      (Reply is from Japhy)
      On Mar 6, M z said:

      >I've written a little program to analyze lines that
      >are longer than 70 characters, and if so, break at
      >position 70 (if it is whitespace), if not whitespace
      >(i.e. is in the middle of a word) it steps back to the
      >first whitespace and breaks there.


      That says "match between 1 and 70 characters (as many possible) and then a
      piece of whitespace" and replace it with the same text, except convert the
      whitespace into a newline. And the /g modifier says "do it for all

      Hope this helps...



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