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Re: [PBML] Help with CGI script

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  • Dan Boger
    ... @array = split / n/, $textarea; ... try man CGI : CREATING A BIG TEXT FIELD print $query- textarea(-name= foo , -default= starting value , -rows= 10,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 14, 2000
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      On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 07:02:19AM -0700, Jason Sperry wrote:
      > I assumed that when I paste the previous example data into a textarea that when I read it into an array it would distribute each line into an element of its own. (i.e. $array[0] should be 1 Gannon,Rich OAK 34 21 43 310 2 1 12 85 1) instead $array[0] receives all the contents of the textarea as if it is a scalar value. Is there a way to read it properly into an array from the textarea or do I have to treat all params as scalar values?

      @array = split /\n/, $textarea;

      > Another question I have: How do you specify the size of a textarea using CGI.pm The default size is rather small and I would like to increase the size so that it is easier to see the data being pasted into the textarea. In fact, if anyone knows a good website that has the nitty gritty details of the CGI module that would be great. I have searched around but there are so many sites that just cover the basics that it is hard to find the jewel of a reference site that I need.

      try "man CGI":


      print $query->textarea(-name=>'foo',
      -default=>'starting value',


      print $query->textarea('foo','starting value',10,50);

      textarea() is just like textfield, but it allows you to
      specify rows and columns for a multiline text entry box.
      You can provide a starting value for the field, which can
      be long and contain multiple lines.



      Dan Boger
      System Administrator
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