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Re: Re : Problems using : *** STILL !!!

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  • capela@usa.com
    ... example) ... image ... in ... perl ... Thanks Tom, But let me explain better : 1- My test environment is : NT Workstaion + Sambar Server 4.1 + Perl v
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2000
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      --- In perl-beginner@egroups.com, Tom Barron <tbarron@m...> wrote:
      > capela@u... wrote:
      > >
      > > I´m using sript to create an HTML document (a form, for
      > >
      > > I can send HTML tags to browser normally.
      > >
      > > But, when I use <img src = "xxxx.GIF">, instead of showing the
      > > inside the browser, it´s calling an external program (ACDSee,
      > > this
      > > case) to show the image.
      > >
      > > Whats going wrong ?
      > What happens when you send the script output to a file and have your
      > browser load the file? Does it behave the same?
      > What if you have your browser load xxxx.GIF directly?
      > In any case, this sounds more like a browser or HTML problem than a
      > question. You might be able to get more help on a list oriented to
      > those topics.
      > Tom

      Thanks Tom,

      But let me explain better :

      1- My test environment is : "NT Workstaion" + "Sambar Server 4.1" +
      "Perl v 5.6.0 from Active State"

      2- I have made an HTML test page with "Personal FrontPage",
      a simple form and an image at bottom

      3- When I try to open this html page directly, it works fine, showing
      the form AND the image

      4- I cut and paste these html codes into my script

      5- I just call the script (ex: URL =
      ""), and the error occurs, I
      mean, part of the form is shown, but when it would show the image, it
      call the ACDSee to do that ! And, if I "View > Page Source", the code
      looks ok.

      6- If I go to another machine, and call my script, the problem
      still happens... But does not call a external program. Thats why I
      think its a Perl problem.

      7- I´m trying to use Apache (for NT), and the problem still
      But, instead of calling "ACDSee", it just shows nothing (just a broke
      image symbol).

      Thats a weird behave : Why the browser (or script) is calling an
      external program ?

      Hope that explains better my problem.

      Thank ya.

      [Marcello Capelati.]
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