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RE: [PBML] Re: Easy way to learn Perl

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  • Diego Fragnul
    Another powerfull URL :-) http://burks.bton.ac.uk/burks/language/perl/perlref.htm It is the HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide, wrote by Rex Swain, with a lot
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Another powerfull URL    :-)
      It is the HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide, wrote by Rex Swain, with a lot of information.
      Greeting for all
      Diego Fragnul
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      From: Jason
      Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 11:15 AM
      Subject: [PBML] Re: Easy way to learn Perl

      Check out the website below.....


      Honestly, being new to Perl a few months ago, I printed his BIG tutor
      page and went through it. I have not found a better hands-on
      introduction yet. His site easily answered a question or two that I
      could NOT get answered easily in the Osborne book called The Complete
      Reference: Perl Second Edition. I even emailed the guy and let him
      know what I thought!


      --- In perl-beginner@y..., Luis <luis@p...> wrote:
      > Hi I'm new to the perl world. I was wondering if anyone knew a site
      or a
      > free courses on the web that would teach perl from a really
      beginner point.
      > What I mean is that I dont know anything about perl. I just finished
      > installing linux on my box (redhat7.1) I do know that perl is
      located in
      > /usr/bin/perl
      > I'm very new to the programing scene so i'm sorry for asking a
      > question.
      > Thank you all hope that you guys have a nice day.
      > Luis

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