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[PBML] weak fundamentals

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  • pang khong lin
    Hi all, have some codes that i can t figure out :- $count = 0; %in = ( a1 , 1 , b1 , 2 , a2 , 3 , b2 , 4 ); while ($count
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 1998
      Hi all, have some codes that i can't figure out :-

      $count = 0;
      %in = ( "a1","1","b1","2","a2","3","b2","4" );
      while ($count <= 2) {
      print "$in{\"a$count\"}"; # print value of $in{a1} and $in{a2}
      if ($in{a$count})
      { last; }

      earlier on i use print "$in{a$count}" which, of course does not work,
      but somehow when I add in the - (\") the statement does print 1 3. Now
      when i do the same for the if statement it does not work. What i hope is
      that it will continuosly check for :-

      if ($in{a1}) then do something
      if ($in{a2}) then do something

      Actually what i am having is a html form that allows the user to key in
      multiple rows of data. so what i have for one col name of different rows
      will be like col1_row1, col1_row2, etc. other different way of

      thanks in advance.



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