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Re: New to CGI - basic help... Thanks!!!!

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  • Greg
    ... a flat file ... other way ... ==================================== Yep, put the n in the right place! Try: print OUTF $FORM{ name } n ; Greg
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 26, 2001
      --- In perl-beginner@y..., ash_angelfire7@y... wrote:
      > Anyway, one last query; I am capturing the form data and writing to
      a flat file
      > using command
      > print OUTF "$FORM{'name \n'}";
      > print OUTF "\n";
      > Inspite of using the "\n" there is no line break. Why? Is there any
      other way
      > to achieve this?

      Yep, put the "\n" in the right place!
      print OUTF "$FORM{'name'}\n";

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