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Re: Regular Expression mathces but captures are undefined

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  • afbach1
    if ($temp_in =~ m/^(WJG d{4}) t([^ t]*) t([^ t]*) t([^ t]*) t/){ print Match is: n $& n ; my $sequence = $4; $sequence =~ tr/[a-z]/[A-Z]/; $sequence =~
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 21, 2013
      if ($temp_in =~ m/^(WJG\d{4})\t([^\t]*)\t([^\t]*)\t([^\t]*)\t/){
      print "Match is:\n $&\n";
      my $sequence = $4;
      $sequence =~ tr/[a-z]/[A-Z]/;
      $sequence =~ s/\s//;
      my $title = $1;
      my $comment1 = $2;
      my $comment2 =$3;
      print "Found a Match\n$title\n$comment1?92;n$comment2?92;n$sequence?92;n";

      Your match against "s/\s//" resets the capture vars (I don't think the
      match against "tr" does). The advantage of splitting over an RE depends
      upon how confident you are in the data formatting.


      print "Did not match.\n";


      Worth adding input line number ("$.") and input (and maybe "warn" instead
      of "print") to the error msg for ease of tracking down any data problems.

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