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Re: [PBML] 502 error on old site i'm updating, why?

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    ... allphotobuzz I m trying to get this page s form to give me results and allphotobuzz am using the previous results page that worked before I allphotobuzz
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 11, 2010
      >>>>> "allphotobuzz" == allphotobuzz <allphotobuzz@...> writes:

      allphotobuzz> I'm trying to get this page's form to give me results and
      allphotobuzz> am using the previous results page that worked before I
      allphotobuzz> changed the sites template. For some reason it gives me a
      allphotobuzz> "502 error" and I have no idea why. Anyone have any tips
      allphotobuzz> on this, or know of a form builder that I could get that
      allphotobuzz> will work to re-create this?

      First, you should at least be using CGI.pm, at a minimum. Hand-cranked
      CGI env parsers went the way of the dinosaur about the same time as Matt
      Wright's Script Archive was declared bad form.


      * The official one is at beginners@..., with instructions on how to
      * join at http://lists.perl.org/list/beginners.html.
      * You'll get far better response there, not to say you won't get *any* here.

      And there's even a beginners-cgi@... list as well, at


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