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Re: [PBML] Perl Learning Tool

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    ... Elizabeth We are trying to improve the quality of the content so we can Elizabeth provide a resource to the community. I m grateful for any feedback
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 11, 2008
      >>>>> "Elizabeth" == Elizabeth Barnwell <elizabethbarnwell@...> writes:

      Elizabeth> We are trying to improve the quality of the content so we can
      Elizabeth> provide a resource to the community. I'm grateful for any feedback
      Elizabeth> on errors, omissions or oversights. Feel free to ask any questions
      Elizabeth> as well.


      Second slide - statements do not always end with semicolon,
      such as a construct like an if statement or a while statement,
      or the last statement inside a block.

      Third slide - "man" can also be used on correctly configuring systems.

      Fourth slide - it's '-w' not '-e'.


      x = x + 10... where's the dollar signs?

      In fact, in general, I see many later slides that fail to use a dollar
      sign. Do you even *know* Perl?

      And then after reviewing a dozen more slides I stopped.

      You are taking this directly from the "Learning Perl" book, I see.
      (Since I *am* very familar with that book, having taught this class
      dozens of times.)

      Would you at least have the courtesy of saying so?

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