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Re: [PBML] Starting Out

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  • Bob Kardell
    There is a Games::Cards module? Heck, all this time I have been using Perl for work! Bob ... From: merlyn@stonehenge.com To:
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 28, 2008
      There is a Games::Cards module? Heck, all this time I have been using Perl for work!


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      >>>>> "viktor" == viktor shaw <viktor.shaw@ nsa-css.org> writes:

      viktor> I can assure you its not homework, I haven't been anywhere near a
      viktor> school in many years. I am however interested in learning perl. I
      viktor> just came up with the idea because it seemed like something simple
      viktor> enough yet would also use different types of statements and
      viktor> commands. Is this the type of reaction I can expect from any
      viktor> question I ask on this group?

      Only when it smells like homework.

      If you want a series of much more attainable programs, I'd suggest
      using one of the tutorial books. Beginning Perl is free, and on the
      net. My own Learning Perl has recieved rave remarks over the years.

      In my professional opinion as a Perl trainer for over a decade, the program
      you proposed will *not* be a good starting point to learn the beginnings of
      Perl. You will very likely need to use advanced constructs such as array and
      hash references, and that's really not a good thing for a first program.

      Heck, it'd take *me* over an hour to code that, and get it all correct.
      And I code pretty fast. :)

      Looks like about 500 lines of code, or possibly 100 lines if I can use the
      Games::Cards module from the CPAN. Definitely *not* a beginner program.
      You'd be lucky to learn all the pieces of how to make it work in under 40
      hours, and even then, it'd be frustrating every step of the way.

      That's why it smelled like homework. It's a great final exam question for a
      40-hour class. But not for a beginner.

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