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Re: [PBML] Comparing IP's

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  • Thiago Nascimento
    http://search.cpan.org/~cdolan/Net-IP-Match-Regexp-1.00/lib/Net/IP/Match/Regexp.pm ... -- Thiago Nascimento perl -e $_= tMM naaCt
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2007

      On 10/29/07, Dukelow, Don <dukelow@...> wrote:
      > I need to compare IP's to see if there with in a certen range. Is there
      > a module anyone could suggest?
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      > Don Dukelow
      > HP License Team
      > Hewlett-Packard Company
      > Tel: 810-728-3388
      > e-mail: dukelow@... <dukelow%40hp.com>

      Thiago Nascimento
      perl -e '$_="tMM naaCt Feocmama_itpUilucoGa";$_.=$1,print $2 while
      s/(..)(.)//;print substr$_,1,1;'
      "...just because I don't know the meaning of my art, does not mean it has no
      meaning..." S.D.

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