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Old record being clobbered inside a loop.

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  • transientresponse
    Hi, Background: bttrack.py is a open src torrent tracker, that uses the option --dfile fileName, to save state information in. The file is bencoded and has
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2007
      Hi, Background: bttrack.py is a open src torrent tracker, that uses
      the option --dfile fileName, to save state information in. The file is
      bencoded and has parts of it's content in binary. The encoding specs
      and file format are described here:

      I am trying to write my own Perl script to create my own "dfile".

      Data from a valid dstateFile (binary data has been converted to


      The above data when you interpret correctly (based on the
      TorrentSpecs)forms a data structure like so:

      { 'completed' => { $shaHashBin => '0' }
      'peers' => { $shaHashBin => { $clientID { ip => $ipAddr, key=>
      $Key, left=>'0', nat=>'0', port=>$port}
      $clientID2 { ip =>
      $ipAddr, key=>$Key, left=>'0', nat=>'0', port=>$port}


      Unfortunately for some reason $clientID is not being expanded properly
      and instead of getting ClientID1/ClientID2/ClientID3 etc and their
      associated ip/key/left/nat/port entries, all i get is a
      single entry! I'm sure that the old records/entries are being
      overwritten by the new entries - so I'm left with a perfectly valid
      dstateFile with the last ip:port pair that was read from the file!

      I also tried something like so:
      ($ipAddr, $port) = split(/:/);

      $clientID = RandomString(20);
      $key = RandomString(8);

      # dflist file structure.

      while (<IPFILE>) {
      ($ipAddr, $port) = split(/:/);

      $clientID = RandomString(20);
      $key = RandomString(8);

      $completedData->{'peers'}->{$clientID} =
      MakeClientHash($ipAddr, $key, $port);

      This works and the records don't get overwritten BUT the file format
      is broken and i get data like so: d9:completedd20:.i.?.vk..&.

      Note the (eeee) That's }}}}. There should be 5 of them :( also note
      eee20 - that should read ee20 :( Oh, and note: bencode breaks if the
      torrentfile is complicated (just in case you actually debug

      # Program to create a file called dflist that bttrack.py can
      #use strict;
      #use warnings;

      use POSIX qw(strftime);

      use Getopt::Std;
      use URI::Escape 'uri_escape_utf8';
      use Digest::SHA1 qw(sha1 sha1_hex sha1_base64);
      use Convert::Bencode qw(bencode bdecode);

      my ($torrentFile, $ipFile, $dflistFile);
      my $debug=0;

      (my $progname = $0) =~ s|.*/||;

      sub UsageError() {
      print STDERR "\nusage: $progname torrentFile ipFile dfileName\n";


      sub FatalError( $ ) {
      print STDERR "$progname: @_\n";


      sub GetRunConfig() {
      # If we have more than two arguments signal a error.
      UsageError if (@ARGV != 3);

      if (@ARGV == 3) { $torrentFile = $ARGV[0];
      $ipFile = $ARGV[1];
      $dflistFile = $ARGV[2]; }


      sub ReadFile( $ ) {
      my ($pathname) = @_;
      local $/;
      my $FH;
      open($FH, '<', $pathname)
      or FatalError("cannot open $pathname for reading: $!");
      my $contents = <$FH>;
      close $FH;
      return $contents;


      sub WriteFile( $$ ) {
      my $FH;
      my ($pathname, $contents) = @_;
      open($FH, '>', $pathname)
      or FatalError("cannot open $pathname for writing: $!");
      # Required because we are writing binary data
      print $FH $contents;
      or FatalError("error writing to file $pathname: $!");


      sub RandomString( $ ) {
      my ($lenOfRanStr) = @_;
      my @chars=('a'..'z','A'..'Z','0'..'9','_');
      my $ranStr;

      foreach (1..$lenOfRanStr) {
      # rand @chars will generate a random
      # number between 0 and scalar @chars
      $ranStr .= $chars[rand @chars];
      return $ranStr;


      sub MakeClientHash( $$$ ) {
      my ($ipAddr, $key, $port) = @_;
      return { ip => $ipAddr,
      key => $key,
      left => '0',
      nat => '0',
      port => $port };


      sub CreateDflist {
      # Creates a dflist file based on the torrentfile and the
      # ipaddress file you provide.
      my ($contents, $contentsRef, $shaHashBin, $completedData);

      # Read the supplied torrentfile, extract the info values, and compute
      # the sha1 hash in binary form ($shaHashBin).
      $contents = ReadFile($torrentFile);
      $contentsRef = bdecode($contents);
      $shaHashBin = sha1(bencode($contentsRef->{'info'}));
      my ( $clientID, $ipAddr, $key, $port);

      # Read $ipFile and get the $ipAddr:$port pairs for the $torrentFile.
      open(IPFILE, $ipFile)
      or die "can't open $ipFile: $!";

      while(<IPFILE>) {
      chomp $_;
      ($ipAddr, $port) = split(/:/);

      $clientID = RandomString(20);
      $key = RandomString(8);

      # dflist file structure.
      $completedData = {
      'completed' => { $shaHashBin => '0' },
      'peers' => { $shaHashBin => {$clientID =>

      MakeClientHash($ipAddr, $key, $port)} }

      # Write dflist data after encoding.
      my $encString = bencode($completedData);
      WriteFile("$dflistFile", $encString);

      print $encString;


    • transientresponse
      Hi, resolved this.
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 17, 2007
        Hi, resolved this.
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