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Re : [PBML] Skip get arguments on the URL

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  • Sylvain Pascal
    yes... by scripting a .htaccess in which (if you got the right permissions to do so) you can map URL with a script, if i m not clear, see the Apache section
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2007
      yes... by scripting a .htaccess in which (if you got the right permissions to do so) you can map URL with a script, if i'm not clear, see the Apache section that explaines about this point (I Hope you use Apache :) )
      see ya, have a nice day,

      Sylvain PASCAL LACOMBE

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      Hi Randal,

      I think my bad english is getting on the way. What

      you have done is capturing the URL and breaking it. I

      actually want my original cgi script to work even if

      somebody invoked it without listing all the arguments.

      That way people can link to dynamic pages generated

      by the cgi script without having to link to these

      enormous URLs. For example if I punch in the URL on a

      web browser

      http://www.genomeso nline.org/ search.cgi? org_domain= ARCHAEAL& selection= submit+search

      my cgi script does not work. I actually have to

      mention all the other arguments with the default or

      empty values like this:

      orgcol=org&domcol= dom&typecol= type&sizecol= size&infocol= info&datacol= data&instcol= inst&analycol= analy&contcol= contact&statusco l=status& goldstamp= ALL&gen_type= ALL&org_name1= genus&gensp= &org_domain= ARCHAEAL& org_status= ALL&size2= ALL&org_size= Kb&gen_gc= ALL&gen_seqmetho d=ALL&gen_ temperature= ALL&gen_ph= ALL&gen_symbiont =ALL&phylogeny2= ALL&gen_institut ion=ALL&gen_ funding=ALL& gen_data= ALL&cont= ALL&gen_country= ALL&gen_pheno= ALL&gen_habitat= ALL&gen_disease= ALL&gen_relevanc e=ALL&gen_ avail=ALL& selection= submit+search

      The question is if there is a way to invoke a cgi

      script by skipping the rest of the arguments.

      Thanx again


      --- "Randal L. Schwartz" <merlyn@stonehenge. com>


      > >>>>> "Dinos" == Dinos Liolios <dinos007@yahoo. com>

      > writes:


      > Dinos> Once again always to the rescue. I am afraid

      > I did

      > Dinos> not make myself clear on the previous email.

      > My cgi

      > Dinos> script sets default values as '' and then the

      > database

      > Dinos> query skips those parameters. My problem is

      > that I

      > Dinos> want to invoke my cgi script from the URL

      > without any

      > Dinos> of the parameters except the one I am

      > searching with.

      > Dinos> Is this possible? So let's say that the form

      > has two

      > Dinos> cgi params, param1 and param2. So the GET

      > URL would

      > Dinos> be

      > Dinos> search.cgi?param1= ¶m2=somethin g if I

      > wanted to

      > Dinos> search only by param2. If I type

      > Dinos> search.cgi?param2= something the cgi script

      > does not

      > Dinos> work. But that would be very convenient

      > cause my

      > Dinos> friend needs to set all params to nothing

      > which makes

      > Dinos> his html code very cumbersome. Is there a

      > way to chop

      > Dinos> the GET URL?


      > That is exactly what my code does. I used your

      > example which had a lot of

      > non-empty things. If you had given a different

      > example URL, it would have

      > worked more like you wanted.


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      www.i-dinos. com


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