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  • Dukelow, Don
    OK to make everthing clear to everyone, this is what I m trying to do. my @menu_list = ( menu item1 , menu item2 , menu item3 ); my @cmd_list = ( cmd1 ,
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 26, 2007
      OK to make everthing clear to everyone, this is what I'm trying to do.

      my @menu_list = ('menu item1', 'menu item2', 'menu item3');
      my @cmd_list = ('cmd1', 'cmd2', 'cmd3');

      my $answer = &menu(\$menu_list); # This returns a number from 1 to 3
      my $sub_cmd = $cmd_list[$answer - 1];
      &{$sub_cmd}(); # trying to excute
      scalar as command

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      10:02am, Peter L. Berghold wrote:

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      > Dukelow, Don wrote:
      >> I have a sub name inside a variable, how do I execute the sub.
      > You're question is not all that clear to me, but let me play back what
      > think I'm reading:
      > You have a variable such that:
      > my $var1 = sub { print "marine\n"; };
      > or
      > sub marine {
      > print "sandwich\n";
      > }
      > my 4var2 = \&marine;
      > and you want to execute them. It would look like:
      > &{$var1}();
      > &{$var2}{};

      I think he means he has something like:

      sub mysub { ...}

      my $var = "mysub";

      The short answer to that: don't. Look at Peter's examples instead, and
      you have a lot of subroutines that you are picking from with this
      post the relevant code--chances are that's not the best way to go about
      (It may be, but probably not.)


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