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Re: How to become a guru in real-life?

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  • aktrapper2000
    ... deals with college, not coding per se. ... everything I have learned I have learned on my own. I have taken a few college courses in general programming
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2007
      --- In perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com, essential quint
      <quintessential1@...> wrote:
      > Hello Everyone,
      > This question is academic, not programmatic. That is to say, it
      deals with college, not coding per se.
      > Where is a good place to learn how to write Perl/CGI?
      > I am a not really a beginner, but more of a Perl dilettante, and
      everything I have learned I have learned on my own. I have taken a
      few college courses in general programming structure, C and Unix, but
      (aside from the mail lists) I havent been able to find any place or
      knowing instructors willing to really teach Perl.
      > The mailing lists are helpful only in a cursory sense. It's hard
      over email to get more than one question at a time answered, people
      usually end up referring me back to the manual, and yet my questions
      are usually more complex and I tend to favor open verbal discussion.
      Ultimately, if I had my way, I'd end up typing a lot more than anyone
      would read. An open classroom would seem to facilitate this style of
      learning better.
      > Can anyone make any good recommendations? I'm in the WashDC area,
      but I'd be interested in looking at schools on a more general level too.
      > Thanks,
      > q
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      Most Perl coders are self taught , start with a few good books on the
      subject , My fave was Perl the black book published by Coriolis
      written by Steven Holzner. That and "Perl in a Nutshell" published by
      O'reilly. Those two should get you up to speed on Perl , that and
      hang out in the UseNet groups reading Post will help you as well.

      Next step is to start Coding Perl . I was lucky when I first started
      out and got a job coding intranet applications for a surveying
      company in my area. That gave me enougf exposure to problem solving
      with Perl to get me started exploring usages for Perl . CPAN
      contains more answers to problems than I'll probaly use the rest of
      my Lifetime.

      As for class room instruction , Some Community Collages offer Perl ,
      Our local CC did at one time , usualy they require at least 10
      students in a class to cover expenses..

      There are Online courses avaiable as well.

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