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Re: [PBML] Equation code halts

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  • Jenda Krynicky
    From: merlyn@stonehenge.com ... I d think you know better Randal. It s not the OS of the box that runs the script that intermitently doesn t return . It s the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 7 10:15 AM
      From: merlyn@...
      > >>>>> "Frank" == Frank Kleinburg (el Oso de Tejas) <fkleinbu@...> writes:
      > Frank> I'm at wits end and really need some help.. Running Active Perl 5.6 in a Windows
      > Frank> environment (Win2003 Advanced Server)..
      > Frank> Then boss tells me, "oh yeah I forgot to tell you, every once and a while the SQL
      > Frank> query does not return on the production server.. It's a known problem fixed in the
      > Frank> next release (or the check is in the mail, or some other such lie)"..
      > I fail to see how an intermittent "does not return" qualifies this server
      > to call itself "Advanced".
      > The irony.

      I'd think you know better Randal. It's not the OS of the box that
      runs the script that "intermitently doesn't return". It's the
      database. Which might very well be a unix based Oracle or whatever.
      The OS is totally irrelevant in this case. As it is in most others.
      And I bet it's not even the database software that's to blame but
      rather the schema and the query/queries. (Database query
      intermitently doesn't return on prod? I guess it's too slow so it
      either times out or it gets deadlocked with some other query and is
      chosen as the "victim" and gets killed so that the locks can be
      removed. Nothing the DBMS or the OS can really solve.)

      Frank, you should try to switch to DBI+DBD::ODBC instead of using the
      old and (I believe) no longer supported Win32::ODBC. It might solve
      the problem or it may at least make it easier for others to replicate
      and help with.

      Plus (not only to please Randal) it will make the script (more)

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