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Re: [PBML] getting 'Out of memory!' message

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  • aditi gupta
    That didn t strike me! I ll try that.. Thank You! Aditi merlyn@stonehenge.com wrote: aditi == aditi gupta
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 18, 2007
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      That didn't strike me! I'll try that..
      Thank You!


      merlyn@... wrote: >>>>> "aditi" == aditi gupta <aditi9783@...> writes:

      aditi> I wrote this code to do some analysis on a human chromosome data (the
      aditi> input file size is 4MB) and it has 8 one-dimensional arrays, along
      aditi> with some transient arrays, as well as structured 'for loops'. The
      aditi> code works fine with small data files but not with the one for which
      aditi> it was written. It gives the message 'Out of memory!'. The Windows XP
      aditi> system on which I ran the code has enough of empty space on disk, so
      aditi> I guess the program has a high time complexity. Have I interpreted
      aditi> the error message correctly?

      Why not use a real database, if it doesn't fit all in memory?

      For example, DBD::SQLite is self-hosting. Or DBM::Deep can create
      complex data structures on disk as well.

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