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Re: [PBML] FIle handler fails

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  • Jabir Ahmed
    Thanks Jenda, That was helpful. jab Jenda Krynicky wrote: From: Jabir Ahmed ...
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 28, 2006
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      Thanks Jenda,

      That was helpful.


      Jenda Krynicky <Jenda@...> wrote: From: Jabir Ahmed <jabirahmed@...>
      > eg:
      > sub writeFile{
      > $file=shift;
      > $string=shift;
      > open (FH,">$file");
      > print FH $string;
      > close (FH);
      > }
      > This function created 0b files but when i replaced the FH wit NEWFH
      > the same function worked any idea?

      Either it was affected by some other FH somewhere else in your script
      or you had a typo in the name of the filehandle. It's better to use
      lexicals (assuming reasonably recent perl). And the $file and $string
      variables should definitely be lexicals as well, you do not want to
      overwrite a global variable by calling this function, do you?

      sub writeFile{
      my $file=shift;
      my $string=shift;
      open (my $FH,">$file")
      or die "Failed to open/create $file: $^E\n";
      print $FH $string;
      close ($FH);

      This way the function is selfcontained and doesn't affect or depend
      on any outside stuff. It's not able to overwrite any global variables
      or filehandles.

      You should also always test the result of your open()s!

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