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Top 50 FREE eBooks for Software Engineering available for FREE downloads from Best EBooksworld.com

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    Dear All, Best EBooksworld.com is world s largest FREE download website for ebooks. You can find a full range of ebooks - from Computers to
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      Dear All, Best EBooksworld.com is world's largest FREE download website for ebooks. You can find a full range of ebooks - from Computers to Spirituality, from Business to Arts. If you are looking for any tutorial or ebook, your first destination is www.BestEbooksWorld.com.

      Best EBooks World.com - World's Largest Collection of FREE EBooks over Internet Top 50 FREE eBooks for Software Engineering available for FREE downloads from Best EBooksworld.com

      Top 50 FREE eBooks for Software Engineering Available for FREE Download
      Essential Skills for Agile Development
      This free book learns any developer how to apply the skills in Agile Development. Recommended reading for any software developer. This book covers the essential skills in: OO design, Test Driven Development (TDD), team development, planning, communication and pair programming.

      Object-Oriented System Development
      Object-oriented (OO) programming has a growing number of converts. Many people believe that object orientation will put a dent in the software crisis. There is a glimmer of hope that OO software development will become more like engineering. Objects, whatever they are now, may become for software what nuts, bolts and beams are for construction design, what 2-by-4s and 2-by-6s are for home construction, and what chips are for computer hardware construction.

      Patterns for Effective Use Cases
      This free online book is intended to help the reader better understand the role of analysis and design in the object-oriented software development process.

      Software Engineering
      This free software enineering online book includes the following chapters: Introduction, Software Specification, Software Design, Implementation, Software Verification, Documentation and Project Management.

      Programming from Specifications
      Programming from Specifications presents a rigorous treatment of most elementary program-development constructs, including iteration, recursion, procedures, parameters, modules and data refinement.

      System Design and Analysis
      This free book about System Design and Analysis is divided into 3 parts: Introduction to Systems, Systems Anaysis and System Design.

      Reverse Engineering Software
      This book is an attempt to provide an introduction to reverse engineering software under both Linux and Microsoft Windows�. The goal of this book is not to cover how to reproduce an entire program from a binary, but instead how to use the Scientific Method to deduce specific behavior and to target, analyze, extract and modify specific operations of a program, usually for interoperability purposes. As such, the book takes a top-down approach, starting at the highest level (program behavior) and drilling down to assembly when it is needed.

      Software Architect
      This book is about how individuals can take the lead in realigning our development efforts to that promise. In doing so, we shall in turn take our lead from the practice of Architecture, when Architects formed themselves into organisations determined to combat the problem of buildings falling on people’s heads.

      Agile Software Development
      Is software development an art, a craft, science, engineering, or something else entirely? Does it even matter? Yes, it does matter, and it matters to you. Your actions and their results will differ depending on which of those is more correct.The main thing is you want your software out soon and relatively defect-free, but more than that, you need a way to examine how your team is doing along the way.

      Writing Effective Use Cases
      Online Free Book

      People and Methodologies in Software Development
      This free pdf People and Methodologies in Software Development is a thesis by Alistair Cockburn.

      Surviving Object-Oriented Projects
      This is a 78 page extract from the book: Surviving Object-Oriented Projects.

      Artificial Intelligence through Prolog by Neil C. Rowe
      Artificial intelligence is a hard subject to learn. I have written a book to make it easier. I explain difficult concepts in a simple, concrete way. I have organized the material in a new and (I feel) clearer way, a way in which the chapters are in a logical sequence and not just unrelated topics.

      Need an ASP.Net 2.0 / SQL Server Developer?
      The following topics are being covered .Net Code Samples ASP.Net Code Samples ADO.Net Code Samples XML Code Samples .Net Tutorials ASP.Net Tutorials ASO.Net Source Code XML Tutorials

      Use ASP to send a wireless text message
      Face it. Wireless devices are red hot. For example, the number of mobile phones is double that of PCs and continues to increase; sales of wireless Web devices are expected to grow from $10 billion in 2000 to $73 billion in 2005, according to consultants Strategy Analytics

      Learn ASP ....
      ASP--Active Sever Pages, ASP is a technology for building dynamic and interactive web pages using server-side scripting. It embeds VBscript or JScript within HTML and thus brings dynamic content to ASP web pages.

      ASP.NET Tutorials and Tips
      Welcome to the ASP.NET 2.0 QuickStart Tutorial. To access the ASP.NET 1.0 Tutorials hosted at DotNetJunkies.com , click here . The ASP.NET QuickStart is a series of ASP.NET samples and supporting ...

      The J2ee Tutorial
      The Java Tutorial has been an indispensable resource for many programmers learning the Java programming language. This tutorial hopes to serve the same role for developers encountering the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for the first time. It follows an example-oriented focus similar to The Java Tutorial.

      Linux/Unix ebooks
      Links to GNU/Linux Websites and Books

      Unix / Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial
      Learn linux / Unix shell scripting by example along with the theory. We'll have you mastering Unix shell scripting in no time!

      Basic Unix
      If you are just starting with Unix, you should probably begin by reading the Unix: Getting Your Feet Wet document. If you're already using Unix, or know the information in the 'Unix: Getting Your Feet Wet' document, this 'Basic Unix' document includes a lot of further information.

      WHAT IS UNIX ?
      Unix operating systems explained in detail through Links.

      UNIXhelp for Users
      UNIXhelp is mirrored around the world and freely available for local installation. This is Version 1.3.

      Linux important
      This document contains an index to the Linux HOWTOs as well as other information about the HOWTO project. A good one MUST READ...

      The UNIX Kernel Source Tour!
      Please don't download whole hypertext using hypertext copy tools. Our network cannot afford such traffic. Instead, you can generate same thing in your computer using GLOBAL source code tag system .

      Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions
      This FAQ was originally begun by Patrick Horgan in May 1996; I took it over after it had been lying idle for several months. I've reorganised it a bit and added some stuff; I still regard it as `under development'. Comments, suggestions, additions, corrections etc. should be sent to the maintainer at: .

      VB eBook
      I hope you'll find that these tutorials provide you with a good foundation on which to learn even more about VB! I also provide several sample applications which implement many of the features that are discussed in my tutorial sections.

      Free online VB ebook
      These set of tutorials are a bit retro since VB.NET is deliberately not being covered. Users can find excellent coverage of VB.NET elsewhere. The tutorial will use the following developer tools: Visual Basic 6 Visual Basic for Application 6.x Visual Studio 97

      Visual Basic .NET articles
      A complete book on VB.net with lots of examples and also in a simple and understandable way....

      Complete Visual Basic
      VISUAL BASIC is a high level programming language evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. BASIC means Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a fairly easy programming language to learn.

      Learn whole of VB
      vbCity.com in association with Beginners.co.uk offers lots of on-line training and tutorials that will be affordable for everybody because they are FREE.

      Using Windows API in VB Tutorial
      This tutorial is about how to add additional functionality to your applications by using the Windows Advanced Programing Interface (API).

      VBScript Tutorial
      VBScript is a Microsoft scripting language. In our VBScript tutorial you will learn how to write VBScript, and how to insert these scripts into your HTML files to make your web pages more dynamic and interactive

      VB tutorial (a to z)
      As Web developers, our lives revolve around working with data. We create databases to store the data, code to retrieve and modify it, and web pages to collect and summarize it. This is the first tutorial in a lengthy series that will explore techniques for implementing these common patterns in ASP.NET 2.0. We'll start with creating a software architecture composed of a Data Access Layer (DAL) using Typed DataSets, a Business Logic Layer (BLL) that enforces custom business rules, and a presentation layer composed of ASP.NET pages that share a common page layout.

      Version-Specific VB
      *VB3 *VB4 *VB5 *VB6 *VB7

      Visual Basic Tutorial Complete
      VISUAL BASIC is one of the easiest programming tool to master.With some basic guidance, anybody could come up with a nice little windows-based program within a short time, age is not the limit.However, do not ever think that Visual Basic can only build simple programs, you could actually develop very advance and powerful applications

      ou can do far more with ‘Classic VB’ than just display forms with buttons on them. In this series I’ll look at using the Graphics Device Interface or GDI to do some simple drawing operations.

      Normally, 'digital' data input into a PC is just that – you use your digits; just two of them in my case, as I have never graduated beyond the two fingered school of typing. However, there are other ways to get data into and out of your PC – infra-red ports, network cards, the USB (Universal Serial Bus) and of course the good old-fashioned serial and parallel ports.

      VB Helper
      * New features in VB.NET * New features in VB6 * Invalid key 'Retained' message * Convert VB6 programs into VB5 programs and VB4 / VB5 / VB6

      Programming Custom Hardware in Visual Basic
      You are developing custom hardware for Windows 95 You are frustrated learning how to create a DLL You want Port I/O in Visual Basic You want to mimic QuickBasic's INPUT and OUTPUT statements in VB You want to mimic Turbo C's inportb() and outportb() statements in VB

      Free VB Programming Resources
      This book gives a complete information on VB. In this there are tutorials and various applications of VB....

      FREE ASP.net Book
      ASP.net 2.0 C# Generics Execute Scalar Helper by Ryan Olshan of StrongTypes.com

      Learn ASP.NET in detail
      We have hundreds of pages of tutorials and dozens of hours of video to help you learn ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer. This content is tailored to a variety of learning styles and technical levels.

      ASP.NET Tutorial -A good book
      What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is a powerful and flexible server side technology, which is used for developing dynamic Web pages. The heart of ASP.NET technology is Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which provides the core technology.

      Tutorials for ASP
      Here we introduce Web application development with Microsoft's ASP.NET 2.0 technology. Web-based applications create Web content for Web browser clients.

      ASP.NET in a Nutshell
      ASP.NET is the next generation of Active Server Pages from Microsoft. More than a mere upgrade, it’s designed to support the development of dynamic and data-driven web applications and web services in much the same way Visual Basic enabled the rapid development of Microsoft® Windows® desktop applications.

      Pure ASP.NET Upload Tutorials
      This section contains tutorials that show the easy usage of Pure ASP.NET Upload. Please choose which tutorial you want to read.

      Detailed ASP.NET
      Here we shall study complete ASP.NET in asimple and a well built form.

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      Remember - The moment you want to read a book, don't spend huge money to purchase them. Instead just download the from www.BestEbooksWorld.com.

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