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Perl/PHP Web Software Architects

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  • Robert Copple
    We are seeking enthusiastic candidates that are looking to gain international exposure in India. The IT industry is booming in India and providing valuable
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      We are seeking enthusiastic candidates that are looking to gain
      international exposure in India. The IT industry is booming in India
      and providing valuable opportunities for employees to gain
      international exposure. We are also looking at NRI's and PIO's that
      are interested in repatriating themselves back to India.

      Work India has been retained by one of the top IT/Services companies
      in the US Medical Billing Industry. Work India is assisting in
      locating and hiring candidates for the position of PERL/PHP Web
      Software Architects for their subsidiary in Chennai India.

      Job Specifics
      The Architect will be a senior member of our technology development
      team. (S)he will be responsible for executing large-scale technology
      initiatives through the full life-cycle of application development.
      First and foremost, (s)he will develop deep expertise in both domain
      content and technology, and will expect to spend the majority of
      his/her time in hands-on coding. (S)he will be expected to develop
      ownership of an area of the application. The Architect will provide
      mentorship and guidance to more junior team members working in
      his/her application zone, but will not expect to have direct
      management responsibility. The Architect will be required to develop
      a deep understanding of the business context and to become a source
      of ideas as well as an executor. The Architect will be expected to
      be proficient in PERL, SQL, DHTML, javascript, CSS, and general Linux

      Specific Qualifications
      · Minimum 6 years experience hands-on software development work
      · Demonstrated experience in a technical leadership role
      preparing projects for distribution among multiple engineers
      · Significant experience working on Unix/Linux-based web
      applications, preferably with mod_Perl, LAMP or other open-source
      · Significant experience working with interpreted scripting
      languages (eg PERL, PHP, Python, LISP, Sed/Awk)
      · Specific, demonstrated command of PERL
      · Experience with SQL (preferably Oracle SQL)
      · Hands-on software developer: Minimum of 2,000 lines of code
      personally written in past 24 months
      · Geek at heart: Codes in spare time, just because it's fun
      · A keen and inquisitive intellect
      · Excellent English communication skills
      · US work experience a key advantage
      · Ability to absorb business context
      · Ability to provide mentorship and leadership within a flat
      organizational structure
      · Ability to work effectively with operations staff and
      management to identify and design effective innovations
      · Enthusiasm, idealism, creativity, dedication and a little bit
      of attitude
      · Willingness and ability to travel to the US for up to two
      months training

      These positions will require relocation to Chennai India.

      Please send all correspondence to recruitment@...

      Work India
      <A HREF="http://www.work-india.com/">Work India</A>
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