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Re: [PBML] Ampersand sign pre-fix on calling of a sub-routine

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  • John J. Francini
    According to the Perl Cookbook (O Reilly), Chapter 10: Calling a function as $x = &func; does not supply any arguments, but rather provides direct access to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2006
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      According to the Perl Cookbook (O'Reilly), Chapter 10:

      "Calling a function as $x = &func; does not supply any arguments, but
      rather provides direct access to its caller's @_ array! If you omit
      the ampersand and use either func() or func, then a new and empty @_
      is provided instead."

      There is nothing I can recall in either the Perl Cookbook,
      Programming Perl (the Camel Book), or anywhere else that says that an
      ampersand is used to differentiate a user-defined function from a
      pre-defined one.

      An additional statement of the & operator is given in the Camel Book,
      Chapter 6, Subroutines:

      "The official name of a subroutine includes the & prefix. A
      subroutine may be called using the prefix, but the & is usually
      optional, and so are the parentheses if the subroutine has been
      predeclared. However, the & is not optional when you're just naming
      the subroutine, such as when it's used as an argument to defined or
      undef or when you want to generate a reference to a named subroutine
      by saying $subref = \&name. Nor is the & optional when you want to
      make an indirect subroutine call using the &$subref() or &{$subref}()
      constructs. However, the more convenient $subref->() notation does
      not require it. See Chapter 8, "References" for more about references
      to subroutines."

      Hope this helps!

      John Francini

      At 21:48 -0600 2/5/06, Frank Kleinburg (el Oso de Tejas) wrote:
      >Hello oh keepers of perl knowledge, I have a simple question for which an
      >explanation has eluded me so far in my searching in any of the perl books
      >I do have..
      >In reading a lot of perl scripts here at work for which I am tasked to
      >maintain, I see a lot of ampersand signs (&) in front of called subroutine
      >names.. For example from some recent code at which I looked:
      > # --------------------------------------------------------#
      > &ReadConfigFile();
      > &ReadProductionDatabases();
      > &CheckPrevDbChk();
      > &printScreen($Name, $Purpose, $ManualCheck) if ! $PROFILE_NAME;
      > &parseOratab();
      > &checkDatabases();
      > &myexit;
      > sub myexit
      > [snip]
      >Will someone take a moment and explain this?? Thanks in advance.. flk k
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