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Re: Re[2]: [PBML] Report spam to Yahoo!

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  • Jenda Krynicky
    From: Mike Dillinger ... Brush it aside of course. I guess you d sue the restaurant instead. Noone is paid to moderate the list. So if a
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 31, 2006
      From: Mike Dillinger <miked@...>
      > How much were you paid for that comment?
      > If you can't handle being a moderator, you shouldn't be one. The job
      > of a moderator is to police the list for situations just like these
      > (as well as others). I agree with the poster that said all new
      > members should be moderated until they have proven they can contribute
      > coherently.
      > If you start a list on Yahoo or MSN where spammers basically make most
      > of their money, then you have to be willing to do the moderator job as
      > it is clearly defined on the Internet. I have absolutely zero
      > sympathy for someone who starts a list/group and walks away,
      > especially when you can elect others to help moderate the list with a
      > simple click of the mouse. We call that "lack of support" in the real
      > world.
      > If you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal and there was hair on
      > it, would you brush it aside or call the manager? Enough said.
      > -MikeD

      Brush it aside of course. I guess you'd sue the restaurant instead.

      Noone is paid to moderate the list. So if a moderator does ban the
      know spammers he/she's actually doing more than you paid for. If you
      can't handle receiving an ocassional spam you should nto be on the
      internet. Enough said.

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