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Re: [PBML] Prima or other GUI toolkit (suggestions wanted)

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  • Ken Shail
    I use Perl/Tk. It is very well documented and runs on Linux and Win32 (Activestate). No experience with Prima. ... From: Paul Archer To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
      I use Perl/Tk.
      It is very well documented and runs on Linux and Win32 (Activestate).
      No experience with Prima.
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      From: Paul Archer
      To: perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 3:17 AM
      Subject: [PBML] Prima or other GUI toolkit (suggestions wanted)

      I've decided to take my first real foray into building a graphical app (an
      image viewer/cataloger). But I'm fairly bewildered by all the choices out
      there for graphical toolkits under Perl. Some are better established, or
      have better documentation, or seem to have nice features--but it's hard to
      get a handle on what would be best without spending a lot of time trying out
      each one. (I barely have time to work on this project as it is.)

      I know there are certain criteria that are important to me.
      Probably most important is good documentation. WxPerl, for example, has docs
      that mostly say something to the effect of, "figure it out from the base
      Wxwidgets docs."
      Ease of use would be nice, but good docs will help there.
      Good performance in dealing with images is pretty important, since I want to
      build an image viewer (for 6-8 megapixel images).
      Something that is either being actively developed, or stable is relatively
      important, as fighting bugs while learning a new system doesn't sound like
      much fun.
      Finally, cross-platform (ie. develop on Linux, run/port on Windows & Mac) is
      a must, since if it gets good enough that I'm not embarrassed to let others
      see it, I'd like to make sure it is usable regardless of platform. Luckily,
      I know that's one criterion that seems to be met by pretty much everything
      out there.

      Right now, I'm leaning towards Prima (http://www.prima.eu.org), as it is
      written specifically for Perl, seems to have good (or at least copious)
      documentation, and was written with the goal of doing 2D image processing.
      But I hadn't even heard of it till I really started searching, and I haven't
      found any evaluations of it (performance, reliability, or anything).

      So, any suggestions?

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