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Re: [PBML] -e check.. need help

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  • Luinrandir@luinrandir.com
    Well I went all the way back to the full unix dir name with and without the .. in front of the /www/website/etc and it didn t work.. I have written the web
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 25, 2005
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      I went all the way back to the full unix dir name with and without the .. in front of the /www/website/etc
      and it didn't work.. I have written the web host for more help
      is there a unix command to go with it?
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      >>>>> "Luinrandir@luinrandir" == Luinrandir@luinrandir com <Luinrandir@...> writes:

      Luinrandir@luinrandir> for some reason the -e does not work here.
      Luinrandir@luinrandir> the file IS there... and the .cgi is being ran from the cgi-bin area.
      Luinrandir@luinrandir> the .jpg is in the www.website.com/mysticadventures/$PlayerName$TownName.jpg

      Luinrandir@luinrandir> my $file="/mysticadventures/$PlayerName$TownName.jpg";
      Luinrandir@luinrandir> if (-e $file)

      Uh, -e is using the unix path, not a URL path. I highly doubt
      that alongside "/bin" and "/lib" and "/man" and "/dev" on your system,
      you also have "/mysticadventures", and if you do, God Help You.

      You need to replace that with the Unix path to the file, not the
      web URL path.

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