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Re: [PBML] running command-line perl on win2k

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  • Paul Archer
    Haven t heard of indigoperl before. This is probably a case of not going wrong with the popular product (ActivePerl). Another suggestion: install Linux on
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2005
      Haven't heard of indigoperl before. This is probably a case of "not going
      wrong with the popular product" (ActivePerl).
      Another suggestion: install Linux on your home machine. Or, if you don't
      want to/can't do that, download and burn a copy of Knoppix, or similar live
      CD. That way you can boot into Linux without modifying your machine. And if
      you don't want to do that, go to http://www.metropipe.net/ProductsPVPM.shtml
      and download and run their PVM (personal privacy machine). It's a small
      Linux distro that runs in an emulator. Kinda slow, but it means you can run
      Linux without even rebooting.


      10:01pm, AlmaJoe wrote:

      > Between activeperl and indigoperl, which one is easiest to install and
      > setup so as to be able to test perl programs? I am learning perl at
      > Dixie State College in southern utah, usa, but at present the only way
      > to run my programs is through "putty" to the school's LINUX servers.
      > I would like to be able to run programs I have written in EditPad Pro
      > without having to copy/paste the raw script over my flaky internet
      > connection into emacs. Any pointers as to how best to set either one
      > up whould be much appreciated as well.
      > Thanks, AJ Wilkinson, aka azraelle@...
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