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Re: [PBML] Question on Installing Sybperl Module

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  • Jeff Eggen
    ... Stick with DBD::Sybase. Trust me, I ve done both, and DBD::Sybase is WAY more friendly on the install side of things, and you then get the added benefit
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      >>> jocua@... 28/09/2004 1:55:18 pm >>>

      >I have a Perl 5.6.1 running on a Linux box. I downloaded the sybperl
      >2.171 module from http://www.peppler.org/downloads/

      Stick with DBD::Sybase. Trust me, I've done both, and DBD::Sybase is WAY more friendly on the install side of things, and you then get the added benefit of using the DBI.

      Is that the same version that appears on the CPAN?

      > Then I copied this file to this location /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/Sybase

      I would avoid copying files to this directory manually if at all possible. When I install modules, I typically expand the code in /tmp and go from there.

      > perl Makefile.PL (I just use the default values)
      > make
      > make test (it gave me errors, this is the last line, Failed
      >11/11 test scripts, 0.00% okay. 214/215 subtests failed, 0.47% okay.
      >make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 2)
      > make install

      So, what it's telling you there is that virtually all of the tests failed. In light of the problem you mentioned below, I would imagine that when you ran the make sequence your environment wasn't set up properly. You should set $SYBASE (and $SYBASE_ASE & $SYBASE_OCS if you're on version 12.0 or higher for sybase) before running all the commands listed above. Basically, if you can run an isql command and connect properly, you should be able to do a proper build.

      >And I got this error,
      > DB-Library error:
      > Could not open interface file.
      > error at sybase.pl line 6.

      Again, it looks like your $SYBASE environment variable isn't set properly. I believe it's supposed to be set to the directory where the interfaces file exists.

      Hope this helps,

      Jeff Eggen
      IT Programmer Analyst
      Saskatchewan Government Insurance
      Ph (306) 751-1795
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