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    Kindly ignore if you are already a member. Are you ever involved in the development of a web application? If yes, then the following can be of interest to you.
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      Kindly ignore if you are already a member.

      Are you ever involved in the development of a web application? If yes, then the following can be of interest to you.

      At present we have a number of standards to develop the web pages. The client side programming is different and the server side programming is different.
      First of all let us talk about server side development. While creating a commercial web site we need to code the business logic using some server side programming language e.g. VB, C#, C, C++, VB Script, _Java Script, Java, PHP, Perl etc. There is a long list of the programming languages available, which can be used for the server side programming. The pages written in these languages when hosted on a suitable web server are executed at the server as a client requests for them. The web servers are built so as to process the pages written in these languages and produce an output as a response to the client request. The output produced by the web server is such that it is understandable by the web browser at the client machine. The browser after getting the response from the server interprets the contents to the client user.
      Mostly the data received by the client browser; as a result of the response from the server is a mixture of multiple languages. It can contain HTML, DHTML, XML, _Java Script, _VB Script, XHTML, XSL etc. Some of these are used to build or govern the data presentation style and some are used to achieve the client side functionality. While coding for the server side logic one has to be cautious with client side results, their presentation and behavior etc. This makes the life of a web application developer almost hell. Whenever implementing client side validations we need to use one of the scripting languages. The presentation logic and the behavioral logic are totally different.
      My basic motive behind sending this mail to you is to invite you to discuss about the specification of a new client side programming language. The language which will club both the presentation and the behavioral features, will be having procedural capabilities, will be extensible etc. etc. etc. The programming language has been names as
      X# (X-Sharp) and is being promoted by an autonomous group of professionals. Yet the syntax and feature list of the language are to be finalized.
      I on the behalf of Xash group cardinally invite you to join this group post any of your queries or suggestions.
      This may prove to be a wonderful presentation to the world of web development from the Indian IT professionals.

      Kindly take some of your valuable time to forward this mail to as many of your friends and colleagues as you can and contribute to the growth of Xash (pronounce as Zaash) family.

      To Join XSharp Click the following Link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xsharp

      Please Ignore if you are already a member of the group

      Thanking you
      The Xash Group

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