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RE: [PBML] Re: My infamous script. Urgent need a help

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  • Charles K. Clarkson
    ... I agree that you need a form, but emailing it is more convenience than necessity. You could write this information to a database or a file in a protected
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 25, 2004
      kjhseka <kjhseka@...> wrote:

      : The script is an email form. The website is commercial,
      : the script allow customers to write me and ask
      : informations. I need a form, because it is more
      : professional and this way I avoid to put my email
      : in the site. I can generate it b y javascript, so
      : spam programs cannot copy it, but it is less
      : professional than an email form.

      I agree that you need a form, but emailing it
      is more convenience than necessity. You could write
      this information to a database or a file in a
      protected directory.

      Then you would access this data via your own web
      browser or by a special script. There are many
      advantages over email.

      First, unencrypted email is not much better than
      yelling your messages out a window. Storing your data
      locally allows only those who have access to that data
      to see it.

      Second, a good interface to this might allow all
      correspondence from this customer or this topic to
      remain in one place. This makes the conversation
      history conveniently available to all participants.

      Third, solutions can involve multiple people
      without a hassle. With email you'll need to send each
      new person in the conversation all the email involved.
      For complicated solutions that might be 10 or more
      messages needing to be gathered.

      With the database solution everything is in one
      place, To add others to the conversation you need only
      point out that conversation ID.

      With a well-written database it should be possible
      to add notes only the support side sees, easily locate
      other conversations from this customer, and provide a
      more secure, easier to use method of communicating with
      your customers.

      You might look at some of the help desk software
      that is available. PerlDesk comes to mind. It is made
      to ease the burden of supplying a help desk to customers.
      I have never installed one, but I do use them a lot.

      : What is perlsec? How can I get it?

      If you have a recent version of perl installed, you
      already have it. At a command line prompt type:

      perldoc perlsec

      If you are using ActiveState perl, it is available
      in html format. You can view perl documentation online
      at perldoc.com.

      : I will improve it. But since I uploaded the scripts,
      : spammers have not longer used it. It seems to work.
      : But I will improve it again.

      You have the good attitude. I wish you the best of
      luck with the script. I still think you should use a
      module to send email if you continue to send it.

      Email::Valid would be better for checking email
      addresses than the regex you are using. Yours stops
      valid email addresses from being used.

      Feel free to come here for advice. We are always
      happy to help other programmers fiddle with their
      scripts. But be prepared to hear from those who advise
      against sending email from CGI scripts.


      Charles K. Clarkson
      Mobile Homes Specialist
      254 968-8328
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