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Re: [PBML] Use String with Scalar Pattern?

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  • Alan
    Oop, I just answered a knock at my door. It was a person dressed in programmer s attire. I told them I couldn t help them, that I m a newbie. They showed me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2004
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      Oop, I just answered a knock at my door. It was a person dressed in
      programmer's attire.

      I told them I couldn't help them, that I'm a newbie. They showed me
      their resource, a paper map with some various routing appearing lines,
      trails, streets, etc. And, they told me that their homework assignment
      had been assigned to them in riddle form. Their assigned riddle: To
      correctly discern what is meant by this clue: L - O - C

      Anyways, those students at my door then told me that, until something
      different came along, their current action or pursuit method consists of
      that they are:

      literal LY

      using their map in their attempt at looking to find and straighten out
      some sort of

      operat IONAL

      something or other that they had been told by others preceding them who
      had previously already come across

      confus ION

      in this very same type of a search for enlightenment that they
      themselves were now seeking.

      I replied to them that I would partake of a (BTW, a potential
      enlightenment) tool, thus:

      perldoc perlop

      But myself and the student map crew are newbies. So there might be more
      under another topic as well.
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