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Re: [PBML] System / exec / include virtual??

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  • Paul Archer
    ... Um... ...I give this absolutely... ... _______________________________________________________________ Can t you recognize bullshit? Don t you think it
    Message 1 of 6 , May 31, 2004
      3:57pm, Paul Archer wrote:

      > I absolutely zero chance of working any differently from this or any other
      Um... "...I give this absolutely..."

      > mailing list/web site/whatever (at least in the long run). When you answer
      > the same question twenty times, and that question is a basic one that the
      > asker could have found by a little simple experimenting or reading the docs,
      > you will develop exactly the same attitude. Guaranteed.
      > Paul

      "Can't you recognize bullshit? Don't you think it would be a
      useful item to add to your intellectual toolkits to be capable
      of saying, when a ton of wet steaming bullshit lands on your
      head, 'My goodness, this appears to be bullshit'?
      _____________Neal Stephenson, "Cryptonomicon"__________________
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