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Re: [PBML] My PERL Project

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    ... Adam Frankly, I was influenced also a bit by exasperation. Adam I have something that I need to do that *requires* Adam me to either (a) know how to use
    Message 1 of 15 , May 1, 2004
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      >>>>> "Adam" == Adam Ophir Shapira <red_angel@...> writes:

      Adam> Frankly, I was influenced also a bit by exasperation.
      Adam> I have something that I need to do that *requires*
      Adam> me to either (a) know how to use a certain feature
      Adam> of PERL or (b) to know for fact that this feature
      Adam> does not already exist (so that I can implement it).

      Adam> If -b- is the case, all I wanted to know was who
      Adam> I would need to colaborate with to assure that future
      Adam> versions of PERL wouldn't render it incompatible.
      Adam> If -a- is the case, I need to know where I can find
      Adam> how to use it - and I am willing to pay for a book
      Adam> if necessary. Problem is, none of the bound books
      Adam> I already have in the office, nor any of those I
      Adam> can see in the bookstore, answer the question.

      It's (a). Documentation is in "perldoc perlembed" and related pages.
      An example of an application doing exactly what you want is
      "mod_perl", proving it is possible, negating "b", and also providing a
      huge established example for you to steal ideas from.

      But we've said this already. Come back with specific questions, and
      you'll get answers. Simply throwing your hands up and berating the
      existing docs and the responses you've gotten is likely to elicit
      additional non-responses.

      If you're not up to the task, post your job opening in jobs.perl.org,
      and you'll find dozens of people willing to help you for hire.

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