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[PBML] PHP / Perl : Re: Re: Spam / Mail / CGI Script

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  • gordonisnz
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 2, 2004
      --- In perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com, merlyn@s... wrote:
      > >>>>> "gordon" == gordon stewart <gordonisnz@y...> writes:
      > gordon> PS - My job can be summarised as 'paper-pusher' - Not
      > gordon> programmer :(
      > PHP is to the web what VBA is to Excel. It's a great way to get
      > simple automation and interactivity embedded in another application.

      Yep - I've saved another email (got it at work..)
      Once they give me FTP access & ask me to upload my php script, I'll
      ask them why they're more restrictive on Perl (i dont want to rock the
      boat before theyve given me FTP :) )

      > However, neither PHP nor VBA scale well.
      > When you're doing large professional work, you'll need a
      heavy-hitting language like Perl. And if you have to know Perl anyway
      for that, you might as well use Perl on the small stuff too.

      yep - i know - but my work - all the 'good' stuff is restrictyed to
      head-office people (who have little knowledge of what theyre doing

      > I think I once said something like "if you're not programming
      > at least one hour a day, Perl probably isn't for you".

      im up at nights - each night - Programming (Mainly in Perl...)
      - The hard bit is to figure out what to do with my site ...

      although ive delayed 1 bit of perl code i havnt finished yet - need to
      get that done. (thumbnail creation).. think i know how - but i just
      havnt done it. - get distracted by other things...

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