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Re: [PBML] CGI.pm

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  • Greg Webster
    But I would like to add a screen that takes in Credit Card info. I would need to include fields other than textfields . I can t seem to get the submit button
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 8, 1998
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      But I would like to add a screen that takes in Credit Card info. I would
      need to include fields other than "textfields". I can't seem to get the
      submit button to include or acknowledge my new fields. Do I really have to
      send it to another script?
      Seems like there should be a way to include another screen for something
      other than straight text boxes.
      I'm trying to include drop down and radio buttons.
      Anyone have ideas???

      Not sure I understand completely...a credit card number is just
      digits...and therefore would be fine in a text field...or are you looking
      for "type" of credit card (Amex Mastercard, Visa) in a dropbox?

      Either way, some clarification would be good.


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    • Charles K. Clarkson
      ... change to: print ... $q- table({-border= 1 , -cellpadding= 5 , -cellspacing= 5 }, ... $q- Tr({-align= left , -valign= top }, ...
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 29, 2001
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        Paul <tigertermite@...> wrote:
        : Hello,
        : I trying to write a simple table using CGI.pm. It doesn't return
        : any error's but it will not print my table.
        : Any help would be appreciated.
        : Thanks
        : Paul
        : #!/usr/bin/perl
        : use CGI;
        : $q = new CGI;
        : print $q->header;
        : print $q->start_html('table');
        : print $q=>

        change to:
        : # table
        : table({-border=>'1', -cellpadding=>'5', -cellspacing=>'5'},

        $q->table({-border=>'1', -cellpadding=>'5', -cellspacing=>'5'},

        : # table row
        : Tr({-align=>'left', -valign=>'top'},

        $q->Tr({-align=>'left', -valign=>'top'},
        : [
        : # table cells
        : td(['R1,C1','R1,C2','R1,C3']),
        : td(['R2,C1','R2,C2','R2,C3'])


        : ]
        : )
        : );
        : print $q->end_html();

        You can use those routines without '$q->' if you:

        use CGI qw/:standard/;

        Charles K. Clarkson

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