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RE: New Member-Need lots of HELP and INFO!

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  • dawnswan43
    Dear New Group FamilyL This is one of my yahoo account names, I am also under Kiikoa Tanaka (jogibear37@yahoo.com), so, I might also join the group in that
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2003
      Dear New Group FamilyL

      This is one of my yahoo account names, I am also under Kiikoa
      Tanaka (jogibear37@...), so, I might also join the group in
      that name. I already have three (3)groups of my own,:
      1) www.AREYOUPOSITIVE@yahoogroups.com- Christian-Based HIV/AIDS
      Information site. We are up-grading to an Organization as soon
      as I can get a STAFF,2 more Officers, Web Designer, Script,CGI
      Javascript,DHTML,CSS,C+,experienced persons to Volunteer for
      the moment(You will get PAID for your services as soon as I
      get our Grants in our Bank Account.

      2) www.ALWAYSPOSITIVE@yahoogroups.com- HIV/AIDS Group for Teens,
      Children, and Babies. We will Sponser Hale House.

      3) www.POSITIVE4LIFE@yahoogroups.com- HIV/AIDS Info Site for
      Senior Citizens over Fifty(50).

      I will need people for those two other new geoups being Founded Today!
      Can you share your expertise in Perl-helping me to make forms that
      can be filled in with answers. In other words, I need Feedback Forms,
      Information Forms, and CGI Hit Counters for all three groups. I know
      the code, but, don't know where to put it???? Might sound stupid to
      you, but if I don't know something and someone else has the answer
      that I need, then it's not stupid to ask! It's more stupid to not ask
      and not know!
      If anyone would be willing to JOIN OUR STAFF for AREYOUPOSITIVE-
      that group is one year working, over 2500 messages(Deleted/Copied
      some for a future Book Offer I have)also, 400 FILES, 82 LINKS-

      You can check it out:
      URL- http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/AREYOUPOSITIVE
      WEB- www.AREYOUPOSITIVE@yahoogroups.com

      "PLEASE"-- "E-MAIL" me at: jogibear37@... not at this email as
      it might take a few days for me to answer. I am also
      Boomaran15@...-(Rian Patrick)(This way I don't have to order
      larger mailbox space. as I get "ALOT OF E-MAIL. I am going to join
      this group as jogibear37@... also.

      Thank You- If anyone has a Loved one Infected by HIV/AIDS or you are
      Affected by this DIS-EASE- Join my group-click on to my files-click
      add text file-put subject-and tell us your story-We Need Help! I am
      HIV+ 24 years and I am asymptomatic-meaning-I've had no Opportunistic
      Infections except for COLDS! I Praise My Higher Power-GOD-for keeping
      me HEALTHY... Okay, I've been wanting to learn Perl for a long time,
      I take FREE courses at- www.bn.com/university (Barnes & Noble), also
      www.hplearningcenter.com (Hewitt-Packard).

      ALWAYS POSITIVE- DawnSwan43 (jogibear37@... if you want to
      respond to this Message.
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