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Any ideas on updating Windows INI files with Perl

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  • daymobrew@yahoo.com
    I am using ActiveState s 5.6 distribution of Perl. I m writing a Perl program to call InstallShield s PackageForTheWeb. Before I call PFTW, I have to modify
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      I am using ActiveState's 5.6 distribution of Perl.

      I'm writing a Perl program to call InstallShield's PackageForTheWeb.
      Before I call PFTW, I have to modify the data file it uses. It is a
      Windows INI file format.
      I wrote a Windows command line program to update INI files,
      WriteToINIFile.exe. You specify the INI file, section, key and
      data on the command line. I'd rather do all the work within Perl so I
      don't have to remember to include this executable when I use a
      different machine.

      I thought about using the Win32::API module and calling
      WritePrivateProfileString but this module is not included in the
      standard ActiveState distribution. I would like to avoid it for the
      same reasons as I'd like to avoid using the Windows command line

      So, are there any standard Perl functions that would make updating an
      INI file easy?
      It is not essential I find an alternative to WinToINIFile.exe but I'd
      like to hear some suggestions.

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