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[PBML] Re: simple perl giving big headache!

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  • Maisha Walker
    sorry here is the full script . . . ... print Content-type: text/html n n ; if ($ENV{ HTTP_COOKIE }) { @cookies=split(/;/,$ENV{ HTTP_COOKIE }); foreach
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 16, 1999
      sorry here is the full script . . .

      print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

      if ($ENV{'HTTP_COOKIE'}) {

      foreach $cookie (@cookies) {
      ($name, $value) = split (/=/,$cookie);
      } #end of foreach loop

      foreach $key (keys %crumbs) { print $key; print " "; print $crumbs{"$key"};
      print "<BR>"; }
      foreach $key (keys %crumbs) { $$key=$crumbs{"$key"}; }

      print "The cookie in your files says that your username is $password and
      your password is $secondpassword.<BR>";

      if (exists $crumbs{'secondpassword'}) {
      print "the secondpassword key exists";
      }#end of if ENV

      please note that even when i call $crumbs{'secondpassword'} directly, it
      prints nothing and the if exists statement comes back false. whereas when i
      call $crumbs{'password'} directly it prints the value and the if else
      statement comes back true


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      Date: Thursday, December 16, 1999 12:49 PM
      Subject: [PBML] Re: simple perl giving big headache!

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      > Sent: Thursday, December 16, 1999 11:53 AM
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      > Subject: [PBML] simple perl giving big headache!
      > i am having what seems to me a very strange problem with a very
      > simple perl
      > script.
      > im just trying to get 2 name=value pairs into a hash called %crumbs, then
      > assign the keys to variables and use the variables to print the values.
      > pretty basic right? ive done it a hundred times.
      > password=test1
      > secondpassword=test2
      > THIS time however, it seems that only the FIRST name & value pair gets
      > recognized when i try to call the value using the name.
      > so i have:
      > if ($ENV{'HTTP_COOKIE'}) {
      > @cookies=split(/;/,$ENV{'HTTP_COOKIE'});
      > foreach $cookie (@cookies) {
      > ($name, $value) = split (/=/,$cookie);
      > $crumbs{$name}=$value;
      > } #end of foreach loop
      > this works fine - printing my two pairs:
      > foreach $key (keys %crumbs) { print $key; print " "; print
      > $crumbs{"$key"};
      > print "<BR>"; }
      > but then this works, printing the value test1:
      > print $password;
      > and this prints a blank space:
      > print $secondpassword

      Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how the variable
      '$secondpassword' gets set by this code. You set $crumbs{'secondpassword'},
      and you set $key = 'secondpassword', but not the variable of that name.

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