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Re: [PBML] Textpad vs. Dzsoft Perl Editor

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  • Octavian Rasnita
    Just a note. I ve tried that editor but unfortunately it is not accessible for screen readers at all even though it seems to be good also. The menus are
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 29, 2002
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      Just a note.

      I've tried that editor but unfortunately it is not accessible for screen
      readers at all even though it seems to be good also.
      The menus are accessible but not the main edit area.

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      From: "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@...>
      > I can't compare TextPad with that editor because I haven't used them
      > both.
      > I will tell you about a few features of TextPad here.

      Let's compare SciTE+FilerX with this:
      ( http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html )

      > 1. It can save with Windows/Unix/Macintosh end of line as you choose.


      > 2. You can set it using many formatting options in different ways for
      > different file types. For example, you can set it to save Perl files
      > with Unix end of line by default, and C files with Windows end of
      > line, ... and other options. You can associate it with an unlimited
      > number of file types.


      > 3. For each file type, you can define the structure of that language
      > for setting the apropriate highlighting options. There are included
      > default formatting options for a lot of programming languages,
      > including Perl.

      You can't setup highlighting for new languages in SciTE. But there
      are quite a few already. And you can change the list of keywords and
      other similar options with them and completely change the colors,
      styles and backgrounds for each lexical element.

      > 4. You can set bookmarks on more lines, and you can use a hotkey to
      > jump from bookmark to bookmark.


      > 5. You can create macros that can repeat a loop of functions, etc.

      You can either save kaystrokes as macros or you can write macros in a
      simple C like language (via FilerX).

      > 6. You can modify the menus, and you can set any hotkey you want for
      > the menu options.

      You can translate the menus to other languages and change the
      hotkeys, the commands and their order is fixed though. You can add
      new commands to the Tools menu ... the commands may either run an
      external program (with or without STDOUT capturing) or run a macro.

      > 7. You can run external Windows or dos programs and you can put the
      > current dir or the current opened file as a parameter. This way, you
      > can set a menu options for running perl, with the current file as a
      > parameter. You can set TextPad to capture the output, and it will
      > place the result in another TextPad window. You will just need to
      > press Control+F4 to close that window and to return to your program,
      > or control+F6 to switch. You can assign a hotkey for this menu option
      > for running the program.

      SciTE only has one window (no MDI) with tabs and a splitter. The
      right part of the window is so called "Output pane" here goes the
      output of the programs you run via SciTE, you can even enter and
      execute commands there.

      > 8. TextPad can use regular expressions to find and replace the text
      > from the current file, or for more files from your hard disk.

      Similar. You can use regexps (if you want) for current file.
      Searching through files on the hard disk is done via an external
      You can get http://Jenda.Krynicky.cz/#SciteFind that gives you more
      options for searching plus the replacing.

      > 9. You can jump from a opening paranthesis to its closing pair with a
      > hotkey.

      Same. If the caret is near some paren, then the paren and it's pair
      is highlighted.

      > It has much many options, but I don't remember them now.

      Same :-)

      > Teddy,
      > Teddy's Center: http://teddy.fcc.ro/
      > Email: orasnita@...

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