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RE: [PBML] RE: Newbe was Random Number Generator

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  • Greg Webster
    Excellent post, thank you. Patience is much easier when you have some footing and some confidence in what you are doing. A short story...my father was a
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1, 2002
      Excellent post, thank you.

      Patience is much easier when you have some footing and some confidence in
      what you are doing.

      A short story...my father was a heavy-duty mechanic, and in my teens I
      helped him out on a number of things. Once day I was working on the clutch
      to a large cat tractor, and had a piece of technology that I had to take
      apart...now I knew all about wrenches, screwdrivers, bolts and nuts, but
      there was nothing like this there. I tried like crazy to pry, pull, push
      and twist every part of it. Frustrated, I gave up, my father walked over
      with some weird toothed clamp tool and it came off in 3 seconds.

      Perl is just a set of tools...sometimes it's impossible to solve a problem
      without help because you may need a specific tool that you've never even
      thought existed. The frustration comes in there because in many cases you
      can't even know how to describe the tool to fix the problem (ie. what you
      need to ask to get the right answer).

      Thanks to all who spend their time giving answers...right or wrong.

      Greg Webster
      List Owner

      On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Chuck Ouellette wrote:
      > I have watched these posts concerning this "Random Number Generator" problem
      > all day now, as a new comer I don't want to contribute or create any
      > animosities since I have been very fortunate to receive a lot of valuable
      > information and assistance from this group.
      > However, and with all due respect, with the number of posts that have flown
      > back and forth concerning this subject wouldn't it have been much easier to
      > just answer the question? I must agree with john's post it can be
      > frustrating, on the other hand, I know that when I post a question I do so
      > only after I have exhausted "All avenues I can THINK of" prior to posting.
      > This doesn't mean I have exhausted all avenues for the correct answer but by
      > the time I have searched the web, read my 8 Perl books read the man pages I
      > can find, my frustration level is about at its peak. The one difference is
      > I am an old man now so I control my frustrations, and I am patient.
      > Therefore when I receive less than helpful posts I just ignore them and don'
      > t lower my own standards to acknowledge such replies.
      > Rick,
      > I am sorry your first post left you with such negative feelings. In the
      > Groups defense please allow me to expand on some simple "User Group
      > Etiquette" this will hold true regardless of which user group or groups you
      > join.
      > 1. When making posts it is always good practice to tell the group exactly
      > what avenues you took to locate the solution to your problem. This lets the
      > group know that you're not being lazy and just asking for the
      > answer/solution.
      > 2. We are all students of some discipline, however many of the people who
      > post here work for a living and have their own problems to resolve therefore
      > any answers you get are mere kindness from people who are taking valuable
      > time out of their busy schedules to aid you, therefore if you haven't done
      > any homework by A) reading the man pages. B) Reading other books on the
      > subject. C) Searching the web for information. D) Trying other things.
      > Then you can't really expect a reasonable answer to your question.
      > 3. When posting questions keep them as short as possible, to the point and
      > supply any and all examples you have, this makes it easier for the replying
      > party to see exactly what your problem is and provide you with a possible
      > solution.
      > 4. Since you're new to Perl, I must ask if you are new to Programming? If
      > you are remember this, there are MANY ways to accomplish the same exact
      > task, some are stupid simple, and some are Really complex. What generally
      > happens is every programmer has their own unique style to solving their
      > problem therefore the flow one uses will be completely different than the
      > flow another would use.
      > I only hope that this helps you with future issues. I would hate to see you
      > leave the group on one post, remember, if you follow the rules above you'll
      > find this site more than helpful I know I have and I am a beginner in perl
      > as well.
      > Regards,
      > PS. I will apologize now if I have offended anyone. (Well Partially
      > apologize)
      > Chuck
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      > From: John Drabinowicz [mailto:jdrab@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 5:09 PM
      > To: 'perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com'
      > Subject: [PBML] RE: Newbe was Random Number Generator
      > Hi gang,
      > As a very new newcommer to Perl, I can testify that it can
      > be very frustrating when the answer to a question is just
      > beyond your grasp.
      > I'd like to request that you cut Rick some slack. When
      > your learning a new language and there is a deadline and
      > a lot of pressure to do good, then you naturally just want
      > to get the answer.
      > Havn't you ever been frustrated when someone tryes to help
      > but won't give you the last peice of the puzzle? happens
      > a lot to me, I am just a bit more experienced in handling
      > the frustration.
      > I Know where Rick is comming from as I'm new to perl, LWP,
      > CPAN and Linux but have to learn it all to a work deadline.
      > John D
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